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If you’re looking for inspiration from your cup, look no farther!
You’ll find HIGHER LIVING organic herb infusions

These inspiring infusions have a vibrant taste and an inner strength that’s sure to lift your mind, body and spirit. Each one’s deliciously refreshing, glowing with rich color and vibrant taste.

We make them with the finest quality organic ingredients for a fresher, bolder and altogether tastier cup of herbal tea. Our teas are clean, pure and bright, which means you get a better, more uplifting drink. Perfect if you like the volume turned up when it comes to your herbal infusion.

In fact, everything we do is Better, Brighter AND Bolder. From our own factory based in Gloucestershire England. Gary, Ausra and Lee proudly and efficiently produce, pack and prepare all our teas ready for you to enjoy. Then, Keith, Charlotte and Ruth work enthusiastically to bring the HIGHER LIVING range to the US exclusively distributed By Palko.